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28 Jan 2012
Before we go on to discuss the ample benefits that are offered by electronic medical records. Let us first understand the difference between Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health records (EHR) in the true sense? Well both of the terms are mostly used interchangeably. EMR or EHR both are digital records which are maintained by your doctor or physician, insurance company or any other Healthcare organization. These records are generally legalized and computerized in nature. You can store, manipulate as well retrieve data using the electronic medical records.

 You can access these records from anywhere all you need is a computer system or any hand held device like tablet PC or an iPhone and an internet connection. You might...

28 Jan 2012
A web-based electronic health records system means that your costs reduce dramatically. You do not have to invest in expensive servers; you do not have to invest in 'owning' the software outright. Even in terms of maintenance, IT professionals from the vendor maintain the hardware and software.

 A nurse practitioner practice that uses this service can access and use the system from anywhere using a web browser and an Internet connection. Instead of an up-front purchase of software and hardware, the practice typically pays a monthly service subscription fee.

 Learn More About Affordable EHR Solutions

 Waiting Room Solutions is the leading web-based provider of fully integrated EHR/EMR and Practice Management software solutions for over 32...

28 Jan 2012
The difficulty of obesity in different nations all over the world will be continually rising. The cause can vary in line with the health problem of a particular person, however it is undeniable how the greatest root is the eating routine of several people nowadays. Obesity brings about different dangers with a person?s medical problem, which is why nowadays there are numerous techniques and also applications which are just about all promising to make final results in the direction of weight loss. One of the important ways to fight being overweight will be diet regime modification. Changing to balanced diet alternatives could possibly be the most critical step towards weight-loss. Lots of people consume plenty of foods that are high in...

28 Jan 2012
Nizoral shampoo has been clinically proven only to a relatively minor extent to be beneficial in the case of hair loss through alopecia. A 1998 study showed that Nizoral shampoo has an efficacy in preventing and reversing hair loss that is similar to that of Minoxidil (brand name Rogaine) when applied at the same 2% concentration as standard Rogaine. Both Rogaine and Nizoral shampoo showed similar increases in hair thickness and the number of hair follicles on the scalp.Nizoral Shampoo Has Not Received FDA Approval As A Hair Loss Remedy

The problem is that rigorous studies on a large sampling of men has not yet been performed with Nizoral shampoo's active ingredient of Ketoconazole.

This substance is generally prescribed for topical...

24 Jan 2012
There are many causes of hair loss in children. Well in the past it was thought hair falling out was a condition which you normally get when you cross your 30 in age but these days there is a whole new trend and it had been observed that people under 20 are also experiencing the hair problem, so what are the reasons for that?

There are many reasons behind this problem and one of them is young people's diet. Young people these days eat too much of junk and fast food. You are well aware about nutrition value of these kinds of food. On the contrary these foods contains high amount of fat and carbohydrates which are more harmful than useful. So today I will tell you some tips and tactics that you can follow and prevent your air loss or even...

24 Jan 2012
Samantha Jones of that famous HBO series, "Sex and the City" was the first fictional character in our opinion who really gave a very light side to chemotherapy hair loss. She was undergoing treatment for breast cancer and due to, came after wards and she was forced to wear a wig. Because she got tired of wearing a very hot wig which is definitely not helping her with her after chemotherapy hot flashes, she took it off during her acceptance speech and inspired everyone in the crowd of chemotherapy patients to take off their wigs also.

Samantha Jones is a fictional character and we wish more women were like her who would really dare to throw away that wig. Women who have breast cancer are women who suffer from. Usually happens after the...

24 Jan 2012
Chemotherapy hair loss is one of the numerous effects of this cancer treatment. What is the reason why hair loss occurs during chemotherapy? Well, the drugs used in this type of cancer treatment are very strong, therefore very efficient in attacking the rapidly developing cancer cells. These medicines also attack other cells in the body that have a rapid growth; among these, the cells in the hair roots, as well. The effects of chemotherapy on hair are not limited only to the scalp as the procedure affects the hair on the body, too. Unfortunately, eyelashes, eyebrows, armpit and pubic hair and other body hair may also fall out.

There is a wide variety of drugs that are used in chemotherapy. Among these, obviously some are more likely to...

24 Jan 2012
 Hair loss is one of the body changes that most people fear of. Just like menopause, hair loss can easily divulge a person's age. But unlike menopause, which can be kept from everyone but yourself, hair loss can be detected or seen by almost everybody. At about the age of 35, the effect of hair loss can already be seen in men -- either their hair line recedes or a "dome" begins to appear at the back of their hair; some even experience both.

 It is stated that 65% of all men are suffering from the effects of hair loss and a majority of them have Male Pattern Baldness. Women, on the other hand, are affected by hair loss in a different way. Starting at the age of 30, their hair gradually thins out. By the age of 50 or shortly after their...

14 Jan 2012
At the beginning of this century a chain of discoveries were made, which could have changed the entire course of medicine, had we been ready for it. These were the discoveries of vitamins A, B and C.

Vitamins are a group of totally unrelated chemicals that have only one thing in common: they are essential (usually in tiny amounts) for the normal functioning of the body. Unlike protein, fat or carbohydrates, vitamins are not used for energy or building materials. Yet without them there can be no energy and no cells. In a sense they are the nuts and bolts that hold us together. They are catalysts, they are regulators and most of all they are essential for life itself.

All vitamins have been given letter codes, sometimes with an additional...

14 Jan 2012
One of the hottest new weight loss support products on the market now is Healthy Trim. Does it really work or is it just like all the other diet pills out there that claim to help with weight loss?

If you're like most people, you are probably carrying a few more pounds around than you would like. As much as I hate to admit it, I'm in the same boat. While I used to pride myself in my ability to stay in great shape and keep up a positive appearance, it has become more and more difficult as I've gotten a bit older. A very busy schedule and a metabolism that just isn't what it once was has left me a little disappointed in what I see when I look in the mirror every day.

I still remember the confidence boost that came along with that same...